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Click here to register for our Minecraft Servers

Minecraft Creativity Activity

The task

With the help of Geoboxers, we've recreated a 2km2 area around Portobello High School in the hugely popular video game Minecraft.

We need your help to learn about active travel across the area and invite all Minecraft players to help customise our world.

There are two ways you can help us:

Tell us about what active travel is like already

We need to find out about good and bad things about your everyday journeys. Do you scoot to school, pedal to the park, walk to work? Tell us about what you enjoy and what you find challenging about these journeys by marking them in our Minecraft world.

Help us design ideas for the future

Once you've thought about your everyday journeys, you might have great ideas of how improve them. Let your imagination run wild in Minecraft. You might want to show us ideas for new paths and routes, design signs for across the area, or invent whole new modes of transport.

How to share these opinions and ideas

We will keep an eye on how our Minecraft map develops over the time that this project is running, but it would be great if you can share screenshots of your customisations with us!

You can send them to us by email at, and post them to social media with the hashtag #ActiveStreetsEdinburgh.

How to join our Minecraft servers

Before you join, you first need to register your details to be added to our servers. Once you register your details at the link below, we will add you as quickly as possible.

Click here to register for our Minecraft servers

We've created two servers that you can join, to explore and customise your local area in Minecraft. The game is available in two different versions; Java and Bedrock. Java is available on PC and Mac computers, while Bedrock is available on Xbox One, Windows 10, iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch.

We've included instructions for how to join our servers in each version of the game below. If you have any problems, you can find help on the Minecraft website, or please contact us for more help.

Minecraft Java

PC, Mac

To join this server on Minecraft Java, copy the address below. When you load your game, click 'Multiplayer', then select 'Direct Connect'. Then paste or type in the server address into the text box, and click 'Join Server'.

Minecraft Bedrock

Xbox One, Windows 10 Edition, iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch

To join this server on Minecraft Bedrock, copy the address below. When you load your game, click 'Play'. Select 'Servers' from the menu at the top of the box, and then click 'Add Server'. Enter the Server name as 'Active Streets' and paste or type in the server address in to the next text box. You can then select 'Play' to join the server.

Our Server rules

We ask that everyone who joins our servers follows our Server Rules. We wan't to create an online environment that is safe and fun for everyone.

Read our Server Rules

How to find your school in our map

When you first spawn in our servers, you should appear close to the entrance to Portobello High School.

To help people find other places across the Minecraft world, we have created a list of coordinates below, of schools and points on interest that you might like to visit.

Minecraft Map
Map coordinates of selected locations

Brunstane Primary School: 800 75 620

Duddingstone Primary School: -975 60 35

Portobello Beach: 460 40 -750

Portobello High School: 125 80 430

St. John's Primary School: -470 50 -50

Towerbank Primary School: 175 40 -775

How to warp to these coordinates

You can use commands in Minecraft to take you to specific coordinates. The same command works in both Java and Bedrock versions of the game.

To warp to a coordinate you enter:

/tp x y z

For this code, x, y and z refer to the coordinates of the location you want to warp to. So for example, to warp to Portobello Beach, you would enter:

/tp 460 40 -750

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